Our Mission

We are dedicated to advancing the environmental, energy and economic security of Central and Northern Arizona by advocating and participating in practices that promote clean domestic energy and reduce dependence on conventional petroleum-based fuels.

We are designated by the US Department to reduce the use of high emission motor fuels. The goal is to reduce air pollution as well as water, soil and noise pollution created by gasoline and diesel fuels.

To this end, we promote Alternative Fuels, Mass Transit, and Improved Travel Efficiency.
— Bill Sheaffer, Executive Director

What We've Achieved

  • Most Gallons Petroleum Fuel Displaced. See top 5 ranking below.

  • Greatest GGE Reductions – Propane

  • Greatest GGE Reductions – Biodiesel

  • Greatest GGE Reductions – VMT

  • Most Infrastructure Builds – Propane

  • Most GHG Reductions